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  • Training Update: Biggest Week So Far

    I always hesitate to write a training update and say “things are going great” because I feel that I may be jinxing it. But…I do owe you all a training update, so I guess it’s a risk I’m going to have to take. I’m coming off of my biggest training week so far, and while […]

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  • Oiselle Running Camp

    I’ve wanted to go to a running camp for several years now. I used to have so much fun at sleepover camp when I was a kid, and why should kids get all the fun? I realize that I may be an anomaly to the rest of the U.S. population, but my idea of a […]

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  • Race Recap: Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon

    Since getting back in the triathlon game, I’ve done 2 sprint triathlons, but I thought it would be a good idea to get another Olympic tri under my belt before the half Ironman in October. So this past weekend, my family and I went up to Flagstaff, AZ for the Mountain Man triathlon. The positive: […]

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  • Product Review: EnduroPacks

    I was not paid or compensated for this post. I bought EnduroPacks with my own money and all opinions are my own. Let’s talk about recovery – the part of training that a lot of people overlook or perhaps don’t take as seriously as they should. Recovery is just as important as any workout. Without […]

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  • An Impulsive Decision about Ironman, Plus a Training Update

    I had my mind 100% made up that my Ironman would be Arizona in November 2015. To me, it wasn’t even a question. I mean, if I was lucky enough to have an Ironman in my own backyard, why would I want to travel somewhere else to do one instead? And then, all of a […]

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  • Product Review and Giveaway: doTERRA Essential Oils

    Essential oils seem to be all the rage these days. It seems that people are finally getting tired of putting chemicals and unnatural substances in their bodies and are getting back to nature to cure ailments and illnesses. To be completely honest, other than hearing everyone talk about essential oils, I never really knew what […]

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  • When The Body Has A Purpose, The Mind Is Healthy

    I had someone ask me the other day why I’m always training for something. And that got me thinking…a lot. So let me take you for an intimate ride inside this crazy head of mine. Years ago – in high school and college – I worked out for the sole purpose of burning calories so […]

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  • Training Update: 70.3 Training Weeks 1 – 3

    I can’t believe I’ve already been triathlon training (officially) for three weeks now – it has flown by! So far, everything is going really well. I officially graduated from physical therapy earlier this week – yay! I am 100% healthy and stronger than ever. All of my weaknesses have been strengthened and my therapist said […]

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  • Repeat After Me: It’s Worth It For The Winters

    Unfortunately we’ve reached that dreaded time of year when it’s hot and miserable outside in many parts of the country, but especially in Phoenix. Pretty soon the overnight lows will be in the 90s and the only way to avoid running in the heat will involve an air conditioned building or a plane ticket. This […]

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