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  • What I Run For

    We all have reasons why we run. Sure, we know that running is good for us, it’s an easy and effective way to exercise and burn calories, and it’s one of the most affordable and accessible forms of exercise. But beyond that, I truly believe that we all have a deeper reason why we run; […]

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  • Spring Favorites

    A new season always means new products hitting the market. Below are some of my favorite things for this Spring. Nuun Energy Nuun has outdone themselves again. They’ve taken the Nuun that I love so much and added caffeine and B vitamins to give you a little boost of energy. It’s perfect for early morning […]

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  • How to Deal with an Injury Without Losing Your Mind

    Let’s talk about dealing with injuries or illness or anything that prevents you from running for more than a few days. Okay, so I admit that in the past I haven’t been known to handle my injuries very gracefully. But I’ve learned from those moments and continue to learn about how to handle injuries. So […]

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  • Tired of Being in Pain, But Something to Look Forward To

    I’m here, I promise. I apologize for going MIA for so long. Life has gotten in the way of my blogging lately, but I’m back now. Unfortunately I don’t have much of a personal update. I really wish that I was writing about how much fun I was having swimming, biking, and running while training […]

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  • Sometimes You Just Need to Refocus

    It’s no secret that things haven’t been going well for me running-wise lately. For just over a year now, actually. Every time I get in a groove and start running regularly, something happens and my body rebels. So instead of repeating the pattern over and over again – which I’m getting really sick of – […]

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  • I’ve Opened a Can of Worms

    I mentioned that my hip flexor was bothering me a little after the race. Well after I could hardly walk on Sunday and Monday I decided to pay a visit to Dr. Ball. Turns out I have iliopsoas tendinitis, and it’s not just my hip flexor that hurts anymore. The pain has extended to the […]

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  • Race Recap: Phoenix Half Marathon

    After taking 4 weeks off and just coming back from my foot injury, I knew this race wasn’t going to be pretty. Plus, with a predicted storm happening during the race, I didn’t want to set any real goals – just go out and run 13.1 miles. I made a promise to myself that I […]

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  • Training Update: Feb. 24th – March 2nd

    I went to my chiropractor on Monday and was complaining to him about my sore foot and he helped me make an important realization. I’ve been wearing custom orthotics for about 8 months now and I pretty much wear them all day every day. Since the orthotics are supporting my feet, my foot muscles don’t […]

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  • Training Update: Feb. 17 – Feb. 22

    This was a strange, touch-and-go week for me. Monday and Tuesday felt great, but then after my run on Tuesday my foot was a little sore. I decided to do the smart thing and take a few days off, so I cross-trained Wednesday and Thursday. Right after my run and for the rest of the […]

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