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  • Product Review: Rocket Pure Anti-Chafe Balm and Foot Powders

    Rocket Pure is a company that was founded a few years ago (2012) in Bellingham, Washington out of the desire to find personal care products for athletes that were not filled with chemicals, but rather were made exclusively with natural ingredients. I am a huge believer in all-natural products, so when Rocket Pure sent me […]

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  • Post-Race Thoughts

    I’m not going to sugarcoat it: the week post-Ironman was really tough. If you’ve ever run a marathon or half-marathon, you may be familiar with the post-race blues. You’ve spent an entire year training for the race and then just like that it’s over and you no longer have anything to look forward to. I’ve […]

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  • Ironman Coeur d’Alene Race Recap

    (The first Ironman blog post about the days leading up to the race can be found here.) I surprisingly got a good night sleep Saturday night – I was actually very calm about the race and had no problems falling asleep – and woke up at 3:45 feeling rested and ready. I had breakfast (a bagel with […]

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  • Ironman Coeur d’Alene: The Days Leading Up To The Race

    Where do I even begin to write about the entire Ironman experience? Just sitting down to write about it is a little intimidating. Let me start with the days leading up to the race… I think just as excited as I was for the Ironman, I was equally excited that I was going to get […]

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  • Pre-Race Affirmations with Ashley Crossman

    Current status: standing in front of the mirror and saying, “I am strong enough, I am brave enough, and doggone it, I can do this!” (If you are too young to get this joke from SNL, don’t tell me – I’ll feel really old). Seriously, though, my pre-race nerves are in a good place right […]

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  • Trained, Prepared, Healthy, and I Can’t Believe This Is Actually Happening

    You know how sometimes you sign up for something or make plans for something so far in advance that you feel like it’s not actually real? This has been me for the past year. I set out to train for an Ironman, but I was so focused on the training and the race was so […]

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  • Quick Training Update

    The countdown is on. Less than 6 weeks to go until race day, which means that training is starting to get tough. Up until this point, training has not been a huge, exhausting endeavor. A few hours on the bike each Saturday and shorter long runs on Sundays – no big deal. That all changed […]

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  • Product Review: SLS3 Compression Sleeves & CSX Compression Socks

    I think you all know by now that I have a love of compression socks and sleeves. These days I wear them more often than not. I wear them every time I run and sometimes when I bike, and throughout the day and overnight for recovery. I know that the research is inconclusive as to […]

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  • Race Report: Esprit de She Olympic Triathlon

    This past weekend was the Esprit de She Olympic triathlon in Tempe, AZ. I did this race last year (although I did the Sprint distance) and had a really great time, so I was really looking forward to it this year. It is always extremely well organized and has a great after-party atmosphere, but what […]

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